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How Does It Work?


We are so excited to introduce our Custom Nail Sets. These nails come in either almond or square shapes. In order for our nails to be truly custom fit for you, there are a few additional steps needed. Please email us if you have any questions! 
First step is to measure your nails using the technique shown in the video below. Refer to our sizing guide at the bottom of this page, or you can purchase a sizing test kit to help you determine what sizes you will need. This can be found on our SHOP page. 
Place an order for the custom set in your preferred shade and shape on our SHOP page. 
After you have received a confirmation email with your order number, send us an email at with the nail sizes you will need for each finger on each hand along with any additional notes you feel we may need to know. Please see below on how to format your email with the sizes. 
Wait to receive your custom nails! You will receive confirmation from us that we have received your order and your sizes.

We will pull the sizes that you need along with a few extras just in case the size you chose isn't perfect, or if you just need a backup. Please note that these nails DO NOT come with an adhesive. You will have to purchase glue separately. We do not currently sell adhesive on our site. However we highly recommend adhesives from Dashing Diva. Pattie uses their adhesives regularly and recommends them to all her customers. A tutorial on how to use these adhesives with you custom nails can be seen below in our 'Application Tutorial' video. 

Dashing Diva link.png

  Click       Here


 Click        Here

Email Format

Please use the following format when conducting an email to us for sizing: 
Include the name you made your purchase with and your order number that you received in your confirmation email

Example Sizing Email Format:

Right hand:
Thumb - size 1
Index - size 4
Middle - size 3
Ring - size 5 
Pinky - size 9 

Left Hand:
Thumb - size 2
Index - size 5
Middle - size 3
Ring - size 5 
Pinky - size 9 

NOTE: Size all fingers individually as nail sizes may not be the same size for both hands.

Additional notes or requests
   E-Mail us for all inquiries:

Size Guide


15mm = Size 0


13mm = Size 1 


12mm = Size 2


11 1/2 mm = Size 3 


11mm = Size 4 


10mm = Size 5 


9.5mm = Size 6 


9mm = Size 7


8mm = Size 8


7mm = Size 9 

*Click image to download printable*

Nail Sizing Template.jpg

Sizing Tutorial 

Application Tutorial

Instructions will also be included with your custom set 

Temporary Adhesive 

These tabs are for temporary use. We recommend purchasing Dashing Diva's 'Fast Bond' & 'Tailor Bond' for best long lasting results

Nail Removal

To All My Valued Customers

I have decided to match up to 10% of all sales on my custom nail sets to go to "FREE", an organization that seeks to combat the horrors of human trafficking in the United States. This is an issue that weighs heavy on our company's heart. Click the link below to learn more and find out other ways you can help!


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