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How To Get The Perfect Manicure

 Remove any nail polish with any non-acetone remover


Use a sugar or salt scrub and massage each of your hands focusing on the cuticles to help soften and exfoliate. Rinse and pat dry


Massage a good cuticle oil into the cuticle area before you start your manicure

Cut and shape nails as desired  with our "Glass Nail File"

Add more cuticle oil. (Or cuticle remover if needed). Gently push back cuticles

6  Scrub nails with a nailbrush or a clean, soft tooth brush


Apply hand cream and massage in for one minute

Clean nails with 90% isopropyl alcohol and then again with pure acetone. Wet a Q-tip in pure acetone and clean around the cuticle area and the sides of the nails

Apply our "Support" Base Coat or, for nails that need a little extra care, apply our 'Can't Break Me'. Let Dry

10 Apply two coats of your favorite 'Patricia Nail Lacquer' leaving 2 minutes in between the coats to allow dry time. TIP: Use an eyebrow brush dipped in non-acetone remover to clean up any polish that may have gotten onto dry skin


11 Finish with a coat of  "Protect" Top  Coat


Inspire Nail Facts
And Application

Facts About Our Inspire Nails:

Inspire Nails can be pre-designed for photo shoots or runway shows and in salons where they can be retailed to clients to apply at home, over an existing manicure. Perfect for special events or a night out, clients can easily apply the Inspire Nails and remove to be office-ready the following day.




Inspire Nails are designed for one-time temporary use. They will stay secure for up to 24 hours when applied properly. However, there are testimonies where they have lasted on certain clients up to 4 days. They are the perfect non-damaging nail enhancement for photo shoots, video shoots and fashion events.







For optimal wear, start with a clean nail that has been removed of any nail polish, oils or lotions. Lightly buff the nail surface with a 400 grit buffing block and remove any filings with a dry, lint free wipe.

Select the appropriate size Inspire Nail that will best fit each nail. Place the adhesive side onto the nail plate and secure with firm pressure. Shape or cut the free edge as desired, while gently holding the pre-glued nail onto the nail plate while filing.

Apply polish or gel polish as desired.



Application over nail polish or gel polish:


Thoroughly clean the polished surface with Isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry. Select the appropriate size Inspire Nail that will best fit each nail. Place the adhesive side onto the nail plate and secure with firm pressure. Shape or cut the free edge as desired, while gently holding the pre-glued nail onto the nail plate while filing.





Using a manicure stick saturated in non-acetone remover or Isopropyl alcohol, gently slide the stick under the cuticle area of the Inspire Nail to loosen the adhesive. Apply more remover as necessary until the bond is released, then gently lift the pre-glued nail from the nail plate. Clean any residue from the nail plate with remover. 


Note: If carefully removed with alcohol, the Inspire Nails may be used an additional time as long as the adhesive backing is still intact. After removal, leave the pre-glued portion facing upwards so it can be allowed to dry. Reapply in the same method.



Pre-Designing Inspire Nails:


Use double-sided foam mounting tape and apply it in strips on to a piece of pre-cut cardboard or other flat surface. Secure the Inspire Nails, adhesive side down, leaving space in between to allow room for polishing and decorating. Once finished designing, place dried nails back into their plastic case until ready to apply. It is best to do any necessary cutting and/or shaping after the Inspire Nails are applied to the hands so dust or filings won’t interfere with the bond. However, if cutting and shaping is required before polish application and design, use a piece of thick plastic wrap to hold the adhesive portion of the nail while filing so no dust attaches to the adhesive backing.

Video Tutorial 

*Nail Professionals please contact us for your pro discounted rate.*

Custom Nail Set Application And Removal

Custom Nail Set Application

Start by washing your hands thoroughly. For the best fit, your nails should be cut as short as possible and be clean and free from any product. (i.e. polish, gel, acrylic, dip powder, etc.)


1.  Clean your nails thoroughly with acetone or remover.


2.  Choose the correct Custom Nail for each of your fingers and lay them out in size order on a flat surface. This will expedite the application process. (When you receive the nails in their box they will be in size order. If you hold the box with the tips facing you, your right hand nails will be on the right and left nails on the left.)


3.  Flip the Custom Nail over and lightly buff the inside well area of each nail with the enclosed orange buffer block.


4.  Buff the surface of your nails with the enclosed orange buffer block making sure to focus on the area around the

     sidewalls (the sides of your nails where the skin meets the nail plate).

5.  Remove dust with a DRY wipe. (a small piece of paper towel works!) Make sure you do not use anything wet, such as

     remover to get rid of the dust. This WILL interfere with adhesion. (If using Glue Tabs for temporary wear, apply nails with

     tabs at this step.)


6.  OPTIONAL STEP: Working with one nail at a time, apply a thin coat of Tailor Bond Glue over your entire nail plate. (link

     for Dashing Diva Tailor Bond Glue on my website) Use Tailor Bond if you have difficult nails or nails with an uneven

     surface. This step isn’t necessary for application but an optional recommendation for problem nails. (Using both types of

     glue together will create a stronger bond and easier application for problem nails)


7.  Pick up the Custom Nail for the finger you’re working on, and apply the Fast Bond Glue (a thick gel glue) inside the well

     of the Custom Nail, starting at the cuticle area up to about 1/3 of the nail itself. Adjust the amount of Fast Bond as

     needed, based on the length of your natural nail bed. (Link for Dashing Diva Fast Bond Glue on my website)


8.  Apply the Custom Nail by placing it (at a 45-degree angle) as close to the cuticle as possible (without overlapping the

     skin around your cuticle). Then, slowly lower the Custom Nail onto your nail plate with gentle pressure. Don’t apply too

     much pressure as this can cause air bubbles and the glue to ooze out onto your skin under the nail.  * NOTE: If needed,

     wait 2 minutes before using a wood stick or a Q-tip to remove excess glue from underneath the free edge/tip of the nail.

     DO NOT USE ACETONE to remove excess glue as it will cause the glue to harden, making it difficult to remove. TAKE

     CARE, as the custom nail may shift or move if too much pressure is applied.


9.  Repeat steps on each finger to complete application. If you need to make any adjustments in length or shape, WAIT at

     least 10 minutes, until the glue has fully set and bonded. This WILL ensure that the Custom Nail will not shift or move

     while customizing. Additionally, if any glue has seeped onto the nail during application, it can easily be removed with



To remove your Custom Nail Set, cut down the length as short as possible. File the top surface of the remaining nail to “break the seal” of the gel coating. Using two large Ziploc bags, pour enough pure acetone in each to cover your fingertips. Fill two small bowls with hot water, then place the filled Ziploc bags into the water bowls with your hands inside. The hot water will heat up the acetone and speed up the process. Use your fingers or the wood stick to gently push the softened product off of your nail plate. Repeat as needed until removal is complete. Wash hands and apply our Agape Cuticle oil to nourish nails and skin. 

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